Enter University With A Scholarship

Enter University With A ScholarshipA tertiary education can be expensive, but if you can get a scholarship it can help to greatly reduce the financial burden, leaving you free to focus on your studies and forget about money worries.

What Is A Scholarship?

It is an award offering financial aid for students to further their education. Scholarships can come from many sources. Some are offered by the university or college while other scholarships may be granted by the government. Benefactors and private organisations as well as companies often offer scholarships for tertiary education related to their field of business. Participants will be awarded a scholarship based upon certain criteria that address the specific nature of the scholarship being offered.

How Scholarships Work

As mentioned above in order to be granted a scholarship the applicant has to adequately address certain criteria set out by the entity offering the scholarship. This criteria will differ with each type of scholarship offered and for varying fields of study. There is not usually an application fee to apply for a scholarship. Some institutions offer a round of scholarships annually, while

Student Employment Success Is Just As Important As Financial Aid

Student Employment Success Is Just As Important As Financial AidIs it better for students to receive 20, 40 or 60 thousand dollars in Financial Aid in the form of Student Loans or obtain the information, training and guidance that greatly increases their chances of landing A Job that pays 40, 50 or 60 thousand dollars a year?

Of course it would be great if a college would do both.

However, there are comparisons that can tell us where your college stands on this issue.

Where does your college put its money and its personnel?

Total Financial Aid Dollars (Dept. Budget, Scholarships & Student Loans)

vs. Total Career Services Dollars (Dept. Budget)

Number of People who work in the Financial Aid Dept.

vs. Number who work in the Career Services Dept.

Number of Students who Receive Financial assistance from the Financial Aid Dept.

vs. Number who receive Job Search Preparation assistance from Career Services

This raises many other questions:

1. When a student receives financial aid in the form of Student

Student Success Learning Teaching Assessment and Quality Assurance in a Music Context

Student  Success Learning Teaching Assessment and Quality Assurance in a Music ContextThe term ‘student success’ can be defined in a number of ways and there is no single universally accepted definition. It is usually defined by the personal goals and situation of the individual involved. Therefore, for this article, a successful student is one who has completed his/her course of study. However, for the student to be successful i.e., complete his/her course of study requires a certain kind of learning, teaching and assessment to occur. What are these in the discipline Music?

    • Deep’ learning of content. Deep learning means students are able to explain and demonstrate their chosen subject. For example the music student has learned deeply when she or he is able to explain the nature of a pop piece and perform the piece utilising the nuances of the genre or to demonstrate and explain where and why a monitor is placed at a selected spot on the stage for a live performance.
    • Reflective Apprenticeship model of teaching. In this teaching approach, lessons are not only reflected

Cash Advance Loan to Get Extra Cash

Some people require extra money to cover all the needs and obligation. In this kind of situation, you need to get quick cash to cover it all. Furthermore, when you have some letters telling about your delay of paying bills while you still have bad credit background, it will be complicated things that you should get over as soon as possible. If you face such kind of situation, it would be completely nice for you to find the quick solution. If you think that applying for a loan to a bank or any financial institution is the solution that you will struggle for, it is totally wrong. You may visit http://www.badcreditloansranking.com for more information.

If you are understood about it already, you can start to apply the documents. You can fill out the requirements and give the proof and then the lender will verify. You will have a notification telling about the loan less than 24 hours. Then, the money is available on your hands. Well, it is easy way to overcome your financial problem. However, you need to always remember that it is only for your emergency situation in which you really need money quickly.

College Students Earn Their Job Offers Before They Graduate

It should not come as a surprise to college students that good jobs do not just fall into someone’s lap. The students who receive the best job offers have earned them. Therefore, it is important to understand that the term “earned” means that the student’s performance has been consistently good throughout the college years. It does not mean a last minute flurry of improved performance near the end of the senior year.

Employers look for the students who meet their needs, wants and expectations. To give themselves the best chance for landing a good job in their areas of interest, students must find out what their target employers want and give it to them. That’s why wise students conduct some serious research early in their sophomore year. They select a career direction, identify jobs that are of interest, gather information about the employers that have those jobs and pin down exactly what those employers expect to see in the candidates for those jobs. In that way, interested students will have four or five semesters to do the things that their target employers want. If all of that sounds like a lot of work, it is. But

The Reasons Why London Remains The Best Place To Study Accounting And Finance

London is one of the most prestigious capital cities of the world, and is well-known by tourists for its wonderful attractions including the expansive Houses of Parliament and other historic monuments. It is not only a top tourist destination, but is also a place which attracts thousands of students each year to study various subjects.

One of the most common topics studied by students coming to the city is accounting and finance. This is not only studied by people who are looking to get university degrees or diplomas at college, but also people who are looking to improve themselves professionally and progress in their careers. Yet why is this city so popular with people looking to advance in accounting and finance?

Part of the answer to this question is that London is one of the top financial centres of the world and is indeed the most financially competitive global city as noted in the recent analytical studies by Z/Yen Group. Indeed, the city has recently overtaken other world leaders such as New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong to take the title of top centre of finance in the world.

This is one of the

Accounting Education Changed by Globalization

It is clear that “the current economic environment has caused great shifts” (Petkov, 21) that coincide with the way we must reproduce our accounting system. This growing need for legitimacy of accounting information begins with enhancing our education. The skills we learn through changing curricula, both in an institutional and work setting, will allow us to be better prepared for unexpected situations that will come in a globalized business world.

One of the first issues to discuss through globalization’s impact is the tax system. Considering the many different needs of social programs from country to country, the tax rates would have to change to support the different priorities per nation. Also, the income gaps and levels will range dramatically and would require restructuring to avoid any disastrous situations in making this change (Petkov, 24). As accountants, our education would need to support the necessary actions to enact a universal tax system.

The most largely talked about topic is the differences between IFRS and GAAP. Since these two systems are used to produce financial statements for large corporations, we must be able to compare and connect the information internationally. Many believe that we must “end up with

Making Education More Expensive Through Subsidies

One of the cardinal rules of economics is that if you tax something, people consume less of it, and if you subsidize something, people consume more of it.

Another cardinal rule of economics is the basic law of supply and demand: When people consume more of something, the price increases. The converse is also true.

When you put these two rules together, it is easy to understand why things like health care, housing and education tend to increase in price faster than things like chocolate bars and snow tires. The tax code offers a big subsidy toward the consumption of health care, because employer-paid insurance is not taxable to the employee actually consuming that care. The law does the same for housing by making mortgage interest deductible.

The price of a college education could not have increased nearly as fast as it did over the past few decades had the government not stepped in, first to back and then to directly issue vast amounts of student debt at interest rates that do not reflect the reality that many borrowers will never be able to satisfy their obligations.

Now some lawmakers want to prescribe yet

Student Storage Class 101

Ah the college days where you live with the basic things in life and sharing is literally caring for all of us. When you move out of your house to study in a new state, new city or even new country, there is an instant culture shock. There are no parents helping you out, a full course meal is just a notion and you will need to take 6 am cold baths to make it for your lecture. There’s more! You are pushed into small dorm rooms where you will share space with another student.

It is a fact that there’s almost no way that everything a college student wants or needs to have will fit in their tiny room. That’s why the know-how of utilising your space is essential. Check out a few tricks and tips for how to store some of your most important stuff.

Storage for you

Proximity is the name of the game. Yes, finding the right storage facility is very important. The shortest journey from your dorm to the facility is ideal. The right storage facility will also offer the storage size that you need for the right price.

Top 10 Best Universities in the World

The university rankings across the countries and the world are listed by considering many things. Of course, it is the powerful faculty, the intelligence of the students and the scholarly excellence that come first to estimate the rankings. Next the campus, the ambiance, the facilities that the universities offer the students and the involvement of the institutions in creating the new scientists, engineers, teachers and doctors of the future are judged to incorporate the names of the Universities among the toppers.

Though, it is a very complicated and challenging process to select the top 10 best universities in the world because how an American University can be the best among the universities in China and vice-versa! On the contrary, it is pretty tough to organize a tough fight among the Ivy League institutes with that of the century-old educational institutes of the European countries, especially UK -The Great Britain. Even the University of California is counted by many among the top 10, but it is not an Ivy League. Then how can anyone judge that the great state university is anyhow inferior to the Ivy Leagues?

Here is the list of the top 10 best

Poor Student Writing What Is an Instructor to Do

There is no question that every student, undergraduate or graduate, must learn to write well and often within a short period of time. Through my work as a faculty development specialist I’ve found that some instructors will diligently pay attention to the development of the academic skills their students are working on, while others see it as a potential area of conflict and too much work – passing students along without offering very much guidance. I understand their perspective to some degree as it may seem that some students are not reading the feedback and guidance provided and if they are, they may or may not be making an attempt to improve how they write. For those instructors who make an effort to guide students and enforce academic writing standards, it may begin to feel as if the instructor is having to coerce those students who are not making progress.

Through my own experience with college-level teaching, especially as an online educator, I’ve found that most students have a capacity to learn and improve upon their writing skills. Most students will make an effort and eventually develop basic academic writing skills, some more quickly than others.

7 Steps to Surviving College

There is a big difference from high school and college. In high school, teachers help guide you, assignments are fairly easy, and you have time to partake in many clubs or sports. In college, you are completely on your own and you control if you will fail or succeed. Professors give you the necessary information needed, but it is up to you to successfully guide yourself through the classes. Assignments are harder and take more time; and because you schedule is filled with projects, exams, class assignments and presentations, there is not much free time left for clubs and organizations. Because of this dramatic change from high school to college, students are not prepared. This means they can get behind easily and potentially fail within their first year. But from my experience, students should obey the following 7 steps to successfully survive college without going crazy or potentially fail.

1.) Get Organized. From tests, assignments, projects, club meetings and study groups, you will have a full schedule while in college. It is very easy to fall behind if you do not stay organized and stay on top of your schedule. Dedicate a calendar specifically to school

College Prep Questions To Ask When Considering A Post Secondary Education

As high school students contemplate their future, their plans often include going to college. College prep classes begin early on in the high school career and can be very advantageous to those planning to further their education. However, some students may still be on the fence as to whether or not they should go to college.

For students planning to attend a post-secondary institution, it is crucial to take the time to carefully weigh all of the available options before finalizing decisions about their educational future. There is often a great amount of pressure on high school kids to make the right choice, which can cause unnecessary tension and stress. To make the decision somewhat easier, it is important to ask the right questions in order to make the right choice.

Why Go To A University?

The first thing to consider is whether or not the student wants to get a post-secondary education. Some kids will work on their college prep classes for years because furthering their education is a certainty. However, some students may not even feel the need to think about it until senior year. If students are still undecided about whether

Keeping the Teacher Education Programme Fit for Purpose

There are some very interesting things that are done to ensure that the structure, nature and quality of teacher education programmes remain ‘fit for purpose’. What are some of these?

Firstly, via programme review, subject review, self-evaluation and students’ evaluation those leading teacher education programmes ensure the continued systematic analysis of data pertaining to their programmes. They use this data to plan and take actions to improve the students’ experience, monitor the impact of actions taken to improve the students’ experience and to identify areas for improvement in the delivery of programmes. This is important because it helps to enable schools, collaborative partners and the university to be responsive to the needs of the students, employers and programmes.

For the person responsible this may involve: a personal engagement in the data collection process by setting dates and times for the collection and analysis of data and the writing and submission of reports. Via email or face-to-face meetings, issuing timely reminder to key personnel of dates and times for submitting data and facilitating and/or coordinating data analysis meetings. The person may also be responsible for constructing the final report and implementing actions based on findings and

Directing Research and Scholarship in an Educational Institution

The role of research and scholarship (however defined) in an educational institution is to: enable knowledge growth; aid in achieving institutional goals and improve practice. (Tushman & O’Reilly 2007, Anthony & Austin 2008, Ignate, 2008, Prichard 2000, Paul and Rubin 1984)

Given these facts, one task of the person or team responsible for directing research and scholarship is to enable, improve, change, predict and facilitate improved students’ learning. The team or person must enable knowledge growth among faculty and achievement of the institution’s present and future goals; suggest changes to the nature, role, teaching mode and main goals of the institution and predict trends and changes in students’ needs and preferences and the need for ‘new’ courses of study.

The other task of the person or team responsible for directing research and scholarship is to construct a vision for developing these areas in the institution. The vision should have inward and outward perspectives.

Inwardly, this should involve developing and facilitating professional development activities which enable and encourage the ‘scholarship of teaching’. Strategies to encourage this should include: awards/incentives for outstanding teaching based on researching/studying ones’ teaching and developing policy and criteria for this recognition scheme;

A Culture of Reflective Higher Education Learning and Teaching Enhancement

Strategies for establishing a ‘culture’ of reflective higher education learning and teaching enhancement (RHELTE) at any institution has to be ‘pitched’ at two levels: Institutional/Programme and individual (staff/lecturer) level.

Institutional/programmatic level.

Firstly, the leadership of the institution must clearly define the term RHELTE. This definition or an appropriate phrase regarding RHELTE must be prominently featured in the philosophical statement which guides the institution’s programmes and departments functions. Doing so signals the importance of RHELTE to the leadership of the institution.

The placement of the philosophical statement at prominent points in and outside the physical walls and/or on display boards; programme/course materials; prospectus; website; emails signature; VLE or intranet and the encouragement of teachers to talk openly about the philosophical statement should occur. The statement should also be prominently placed on marketing and advertising materials and selected stationery.

Secondly, the senior management team and board of the institution should adopt or adapt a professional standards framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education which has the idea of reflective teaching and learning permeating the guide. Such a framework would help to:

  • Promote the professionalization of Higher Education Learning, Teaching Enhancement.
  • Enhance the quality

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Education

The Future Has Arrived

Welcome to 2016, the Modern Industrial Revolution. Step inside your local coffee shop and you may see a robot preparing your coffee or walk inside your Aunt’s house to find a wireless vacuum cleaning the floor. Our modern world is all about efficiency and this wouldn’t be possible without the booming startup industry making waves around the world.

Why Become an Entrepreneur?

You want to be your own boss. You would get to set your own hours and work wherever you want, which seems like a pretty good deal. But if that is the primary reason you want to be an entrepreneur then you’re about to have a harsh reality check. Being an entrepreneur is easy, however, being a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur means working non-stop, nights, weekends, and holidays. Katie Fang believes that, “A great idea is just merely the beginning of a long journey. It takes courage to pursue that path, to say no to millions of other opportunities, and have the passion to not be defeated by failures encountered.” If you want to be successful, be prepared for personal sacrifices to take you to the top.

Analytics Are

10 Reasons Public Universities Are Better for Careers Than Private Liberal Arts Colleges

Earning a four-year college degree is not only an important milestone in your life, it is a valuable tool for gaining employment. In most cases, if you do not receive a college diploma, you will have a much more difficult road ahead for finding an internship, temporary job or starting a career. The question is: what kind of school do you want to attend? There are two major choices: public universities and private liberal arts colleges. Outlined are ten reasons why choosing a public university gives you an advantage over a private college for pursuing a career.

1. College is expensive and becoming more so. If you compare tuition prices at private colleges versus public schools, the latter is less expensive. According to the Collegedata website, the College Board reported that for the 2015-16 school year, the average cost of tuition and fees at private colleges was $32,405, $23,893 for out-of-state residents attending public universities and $9,410 for in-state residents at public colleges.

So, you can save $10,000 more per year at an out-of-state public school and $20,000 more at an in-state college than the private variety. The less tuition you could pay, the more

To Major Or Not To Major

You’re sitting in the computer lab at your school taking a career aptitude test. Why these are still required, you do not know, but you don’t complain because you’re getting out of analyzing Romeo and Juliet for the class period. After what feels like thousands of yes/no questions you are finally shown the perfect career for you, a Freight Account Executive! You are then told you have the option of majoring in Accounting or Finance. Although you really wanted to major in Education, this job says you’ll make a good salary, and if a computer said it’s a perfect fit for you it must be, right?

Every college application cycle, the question, “What should my major be?” starts showing up on message boards, during conversations with your friends, and everywhere between. This decision has a significant weight on your application, but how much does it weigh on your future?

Many of us want to be financially successful, so we choose a major that will lead us to the career path that will give us a lucrative salary. However, more than ever, what you major in college doesn’t determine the type of job you’ll have once you

A 4.0 GPA Is Not Important Anymore But This Is

If you haven’t read the countless reports that the college admissions process is becoming more competitive, then listen up.

Our modern world is facing a huge issue regarding college admissions. We now have more students who are choosing to apply to college right after high school and more students with a 4.0 GPA; however, fewer students are getting accepted into their dream school. Let’s break down a standard Yale applicant who seems like the perfect fit:

4.0 GPA
Student Body President
Founder and President of The Student Political Union, Red Cross Club Secretary, and Students Against Drunk Driving Treasurer
Debate Team Captain
Has only taken AP courses
Varsity Tennis Team Member

Seems like a great fit! Except for a few key things:

The entire resume is self-promoting
There is nothing unique

Harvard recently published a study indicating that the key to getting in is to be nicer. That means a variety of things like: working with people who are different than you, getting involved in your community, and avoiding a “brag sheet.” When you are applying to college, try to think about what the admissions officer wants to see. Sorting through hundreds